We make it easier to create

meaningful mitzvah projects.

Campaign pages come with integrated fundraising, event management, merchandise sales, collaboration and volunteer management capabilities, making it easier for youth to take action in a variety of ways.


My Mitzvah Project started with a simple goal: to provide simple, yet powerful tools to help create meaningful mitzvah projects.

As it grows, our hope is that My Mitzvah Project will be not only a resource, but also a source of inspiration for b’nai mitzvah students as they work towards choosing a meaningful mitzvah project.

Through building an online community of mitzvah projects, our platform will be an authentic way for mitzvah makers to share stories of tzedakah, gemilut chasidim and tikkun olam amongst themselves.

We are honored to support the amazing philanthropic work of the b'nai mitzvah students around the world and we look forward to working with you!


My Mitzvah Project provides an opportunity for b’nai mitzvah students to engage in meaningful and authentic service experiences.

Running a campaign on our platform offers a way youth can deepen their understanding of issues they care about, gain valuable experience in planning and preparation, learn how to take purposeful action, and increase self-awareness and confidence by reflecting on and celebrating their efforts.

By creating an environment where young changemakers are united and celebrated in their desire to make a positive impact, we hope to inspire a generation of lifelong philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.


Service learning best practices are infused into every aspect of creating and executing a campaign on My Mitzvah Project platform, ensuring that youth who participate become valued contributors for our collective well-being, now and in the future. Service Learning opportunities are integrated into the process of creating a campaign on My Mitzvah Project platform in the following ways:


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